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Hey Babe, Ashleigh here! Thanks for checking in with The Southern Social. Our goal is to educate and guide brides by showing them all the ins and outs of wedding planning and prep.  I am so excited to start a reoccurring blog feature on all things bridal beauty. Once a month, I will be sharing all my finds that are a must to get you wedding day ready. We will cover everything from lip injections and spray tans to highlighter that makes you sine bright like a diamond. Make sure you subscribe! You will not want to miss a thing.

This week’s favorite thing……

First up for this category is something I have been a huge fan of for some time, Dermaplaning. It’ been a minute since I was a bride, but this has been a staple in my beauty routine for almost a year. I honestly could never go back. So, what is dermaplaning? Well I reached out to my personal esthetician and DFW favorite, Charlene Williams, owner and lead esthetician of Meraki Beauty and Skin Bar to get the full skinny on what you need to know about this service.

What is it?.......

Dermaplaining is a type of facial that uses a surgical grade scalpel to exfoliate dead skin cells and that unsightly peach fuzz from the top layer of skin on your face. Sound scary? It really is nothing to fear. The procedure itself is painless and takes less time than a mani/pedi appointment. The benefits of this type of facial are huge! First, this service can take anywhere from 2-3 weeks of dead skin cell buildup off your face. This is crucial to ensure that your skincare routine is working hard instead of hardly working. With all the buildup of dead skin cells gone product absorption goes up tenfold. This is extremely important for brides who are working towards some big skin changes before “I do!”.  Second, this service will change your makeup application! I can not stress this one enough. Your wedding day MUA will be incredibly thankful to you for this as well. Remember what I said about product absorption? Well same concept with makeup. Think of how much better that primer will work on baby smooth skin. I was shocked the first time I applied a full face of makeup after dermaplaining. It literally changed the way my foundation worked with my skin. I also noticed that I did not have to use as much foundation.

What you need to know……

Charlene recommends that brides have the service no earlier than a week before the wedding or scheduled photos. That way the skin has time to calm down from any residual redness or mild breakouts that might occur after treatment. Post treatment you should avoid direct sunlight for three days and stay away from chlorinated pools as this can cause irritation to your freshly exfoliated skin. Make sure that you do not skip the moisturizer and always apply sunscreen when out in the sun. If you are planning to incorporate this into your long-term beauty regimen the recommended maintenance schedule is 4-6-week. Charlene also recommends pairing this treatment with either a light enzyme peel or jelly hydration mask, depending on skin type, to magnify personal results. As far as cost, this treatment can run anywhere from $85.00 - $150.00.

Moral of the story……

This service has multiple benefits and can really go a long way in helping you achieve mermaid status skin for the big day without breaking the bank. Looking to book? Reach out to my girl, Charlene Williams at Meraki Skin and Beauty Bar located in the Camp Bowie area at 5324 Birchman Ave, Fort Worth, TX

You can check her out on the gram @merakibeautyandskinbar or her website bar for a full list of services and to schedule your appointment. Enjoy!

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