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Okay girls, let’s talk about a tricky one! You have reached a fun and pivotal point in your wedding planning shenanigans. Fun because you get to do this part with a group of your closest girlfriends! Pivotal because, well let’s face it, who’s more opinionated than a group full of your closest girlfriends? Lady, you have got to tackle this with some strategy… Am I right? Let’s walk through some of the major key points that you are most definitely going to want to consider while shopping with your gals.

We’ll start with an obvious one and one that you are going to have to be very mindful of when selecting your dresses. Price point. Although these women did agree to invest in this wedding with you, you should always be respectful of their pocketbooks. Do your research, be thorough, and of course talk to your girls. There should be a pretty solid consensus among the group as to how much everyone is willing to spend, but if for some reason you are unsure it is always better to ask than to assume. Once you understand where your price point lies you can then begin to research and decide what styles are more compatible as well as which retailers will be the most accommodating toward your budget.

Comfort is a priority right? Most of us would agree with that. When shopping for your bridesmaid dresses you should take into account all factors that can and will affect their level of comfort. The weather for example is an external factor that should tell you whether or not a floor length skirt or a knee length skirt will be more tolerable. Or whether or not sleeves might be a necessity for that matter. Is the fabric soft or scratchy? Will they feel at ease in that bodice or will they feel like they can’t catch their breath to save their life? In this case the best solution is to take your maids with you to shop so that they have the opportunity to try on the gowns and provide helpful feedback.Next we look at colors and details. Now, if you are this far into your planning then odds are that you have already chosen your colors. Fantastic! If you haven’t, then you’ve got some extra work to do. Keep at the forefront of your mind the time of year or season that you will be in for your big day, your colors should reflect this while still portraying your individuality and personal style. Color is all you babe, so have fun! Now, if you want something a little extra such as fine detailing or texturing we suggest you take a look at your own gown. Yes, the best way to match accents and details is to observe your bridal gown and pull from its finer points. However, if you are not the matchy-matchy type this may not be your ideal route.

Furthermore you have to be considerate of how you dress your girls according to their body type. This can be a delicate subject and something that you should consider heavily before you make your choice as to what style you would like to choose. For your curvy or hourglass ladies you might consider something A-lined or a trendier piece that involves a peplum or “popover” attribute. For shapes that involve more of an obvious waistline the trends are leaning drastically toward the wrap dress. And for those who may be a bit more full in the bust a halter neckline can be very elegant. Knowing this, do not also assume that you must choose the same style for your entire party, a mix of different styles in the same color and material is a totally valid and stylish choice in the grand scheme of things.

John F. Kennedy said “Too often we... enjoy the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought”. This is a fun and joyful happening that you get to experience with some of your closest girlfriends, right? You value their thoughts don’t you? What could go wrong? I ask you these incessant questions to hopefully give you a clearer understanding that your opinion matters the most here. This is your wedding day. These are your photos to last a lifetime. And above all, these are your precious memories to hold onto. If you don’t want to remember your bridesmaids walking down your aisle in fuchsia and pleats then by God, sister, don’t let it happen! Yes, you want your girls there with you to tell you what they think is “pretty” and what they feel is a “fashion emergency”. But don’t let your voice be drowned out by the sound of champagne influenced grievances. They’re your girls!! They’re going to adore what you choose, and they’ll wear it proudly.

Finally, we want to give you a pro tip that we know will be a lifesaver for you and for your ladies. Timing is everything. When you choose to set your bridesmaid dress shopping appointments, when you decide which dress(es) to use for your big day, and when you notify your maids which dress you have chosen. All extremely important. Our reasoning seems evident right? But just in case you aren’t convinced, let’s explore the data: Mary chooses to give her bridesmaids notification about the selection of their dresses in June - her wedding is in September. One of Mary’s maids shows up the day of the ceremony with her dress unaltered and unhemmed. She trips down the aisle and her skirt drags in photos. Do we need to say more? Timing is everything honey, and if that doesn’t prove it to you then I don’t know what will.Your bridesmaids are your tribe. They are your teammates in this battle against the ugly fabrics and the hideous hemlines. Revel in this time and remember that these moments are precious. Have fun babe!

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