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With the new year upon us, the styles and trends of the fashion industry are moving on without looking back. This absolutely does not exclude the bridal gown industry. From delicious colors, to seamless silhouettes and detailed textures there has never been a better time to start thinking about what you want in a wedding dress. So where do you start? We’re here to help!

Let’s talk silhouettes. In recent years, the goal of the modern wedding dress has been to accentuate the individual bride’s best features, where her most natural beauty is found. Think of what a silhouette can do for you, not what you can do for it. Although there are many alternatives here, we want to go over some more popular selections.

We’ll start with the ball gown. A ball gown will be fitted in the bodice until it hits the waist where it will then extend down and out in a grand fashion. The skirt is always large and in most cases creates a flowing movement. This cut is complimentary for pear or hourglass shapes. Not to mention the fact that you’ll feel just like a princess! So what if you’re looking for something a little more forgiving? A-line dresses are the way to go. An A-line shape will be fitted at the top of the bodice and either come outward in the shape of an “A” at the waist or be modified to fit at the hips and then spread out. This style is gorgeous on just about any body type. Want something to embellish your curves? We recommend a trumpet or mermaid silhouette. A trumpet will fit the body from the top of the bodice down to the mid-thigh and flare or fan outward, where a mermaid will extend further in its fit and flare lower towards the knee to accomplish that “fish tail” effect.

While the silhouette itself is a paramount detail, the color of your dress is just as relevant. Today’s modern bride is leaning toward a trendy shade of almond, however this is not to say that you would be considered “out of style” should you decide to take the road less traveled. A white or ivory dress is timeless, classic and will not steer you wrong. However, you have to understand that in today’s bridal gown industry white is no longer just white…it comes in many forms and you must be selective when observing how your hue or shade might affect your skin tone. But let’s say for argument’s sake that you are a more non-traditional bride. You don’t want a white dress? Great. You have other options! If you are a girly girl at heart you may be leaning toward a blush dress. Blush provides just the slightest hint of pink and adds a subtle feminine flavor to any gown. You may also be looking for something a bit more ostentatious, for you we suggest a metallic option. Metallic hues include choices such as gold, silver, and even champagne for brides who require more swank in their style. And if you’re feeling particularly bold, there is always a more demilitarized option; the black wedding gown. If you’re in the market to make an “out of left field” statement, black detailed gowns have made a bit of an impression on the industry in more recent years.

One detail that seems to be overlooked quite often is the texture of a garment. Texture, like color, is imperative and can set the mood or theme of the gown just as effortlessly. Admittedly there is a lot to consider when looking at textures, so we’ll start with the basics: fabric. Fabric is a complete matter of opinion but that is not to imply that there is a shortage of options. To name a few, organza, tulle, silk, satin, taffeta, and various forms of lace are all very elegant fabric choices that would compliment an abundant number of styles. You might also discover that the way you lay and/or layer your fabric has a large impact on the result. Choosing a garment with ruffled, pleated, or tiered fabric dependent upon the silhouette can make all the difference. But let’s look beyond just fabric. How else can you create movement and shift within your dress? You want three dimensional detailing. Among these are beading, sequins, appliqué, embroidery, and more. Three dimensional details are oftentimes seen but not appreciated for the artistry that went into them. They add a touch of dreaminess and whimsy or in other cases a hint of grandeur and sophistication.Finally, we would like to discuss a very favorable trend that has continued to be a crowd pleaser for various reasons among the modern brides. Separates. They come in multiple variations from crop tops and high waisted skirts to body suits and palazzo pants. And what’s even better? You can mix and match! Granted you may be spending a bit more than you bargained for when purchasing separates, BUT the convenience factor does not disappoint. In fact some designers will argue that you can repurpose the bodysuit and the bottom piece with other garments for multiple occasions following your big day. So in reality we’d like for you to view it as the best investment that you’ll ever buy into, because the chances that you will catch up to your wear-to-worth ratio is in our opinion, 100% guaranteed.Still not sure where to start? Need some inspiration? We’ve got you covered.

Our friend and colleague Melissa Lopez of Bella Brides has provided a few gowns just for your reference. These designs are original, timeless and one of a kind. Melissa gave us all of the details on these pieces to aid you in your decision making as you move forward with such a major step.

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