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One of the most exciting parts of getting married is having your best friends standing next to you, but how do you include your young sisters, sisters-in-law, or nieces without having a million bridesmaids? Enter the junior bridesmaid! Junior bridesmaids could be the most enthusiastic and excited member of your bridal party. She is young enough to remember her favorite fairytale wedding and see the bride as a part of the fairytale, as well as feeling like a princess herself. Not to mention, getting to spend time with adults can make them feel like the coolest gal on the block. 

What is a junior bridesmaid? To best define it, we need to chat about the flower girl and bridesmaids too. Girls aged between four and eight years old are typically flower girls. Junior bridesmaids generally are between nine and fifteen years old. Girls over the age of fifteen are considered to be bridesmaids. This isn't a set scale, however. If your girls are more mature at fourteen, she could fit in perfectly with the bridesmaids!If she requires more supervision at nine, maybe the flower girl's role is best suited for her.  

Junior bridesmaids are the perfect person for just about any job you need to be done! She can help stuff invitations, put together favors, help with decorations, and be the perfect errand girl when you need to locate mom during the wedding. She can also attend pre-wedding gatherings like the bridal shower and rehearsal. When deciding whether or not to include her with the bridal party in getting ready, some deciding factors might be her maturity level and the rest of the crowd. Who will be in the room with you? If you do choose to include her, she will feel like a princess. Getting glammed up with hair and makeup is sure to make her year. To save her from feeling too overwhelmed, you may wait until your bridal party is dressed and ready. This way, she gets to have girl time without feeling left out and keeps your day running smoothly.The choice is entirely up to you and how you want your day to look! 

Something that would make her smile would be gifting her with a "Will you be my Jr. Bridesmaid" proposal box. Who doesn't like getting gifts? Whether you go all out with a box filled to the brim with gifts or keep it simple with just a card and a mug, she will love it. She could be our saving grace during your wedding, so she deserves a little love and appreciation too. 

Once you have selected your bridesmaids' gowns and are ready to pick what your junior bridesmaids are wearing, it's best to find an age-appropriate style. Keeping with the same color as the bridesmaid's gown will look more cohesive, but the style doesn't have to match the bridesmaid's style. A courtesy chat with the parent(s) about the dress's style would be a great way to get advance approval. Since they will most likely be footing the bill for her gown and having to get her to all your fun wedding activities, this avoids any misunderstandings and awkward tension. 

Traditionally, the junior bridesmaid walks down the aisle right before the bridesmaids. She stands at the far left of the altar, furthest from the bride. This will make her feel included and loved at your wedding. It will also allow her parents to keep an eye on her during the ceremony if needed. During the recessional, she will exit last, either alone or paired with a groomsman. It is up to you where she will sit during the reception, but no matter where she ends up, she will always remember getting to be a part of your wedding and how you brought some of her fairytale dreams to life by including her as a junior bridesmaid.

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